Buying Granite and Marble Slab in the GTA

Buying Granite and Marble Slab in the GTA

Granite and marble slab countertops impart both aesthetic and monetary value to your home. No synthetic or engineered product can ever match the natural beauty of fine stone, and each stone slab countertop is utterly unique.

Natural Beauty

One of the reasons that fine stone is so aesthetically pleasing is the way that it catches and reflects light. Many synthetic materials try to capture the appearance of granite or marble, but none have managed to imitate the depth and luminous quality that’s distinct to these natural materials. Colours of stone slab range from versatile neutrals to rich and vivid jewel tones. Patterning also varies, from subtle flecks or stippling to prominent and striking striations, swirls, streaks, or veins in contrasting colours. A fine stone countertop can be finished in various ways. High-gloss polish or honed (matte) are the most common of these finishes, but specialty finishes are also available. Edges can be simple or ornate. A fine stone countertop can become the centrepiece of a room.

Affordability and Added Value

Granite and marble countertops are also among the most sought-after design elements in the Greater Toronto Area. Studies have shown that real estate agents get more calls when listings include mentions of stone countertops. Research also indicates that the installation of a fine stone countertop in the kitchen can add many thousands of dollars to the resale price of your home. Fortunately, since the 1980s, the cost of stone countertops has become affordable for most homeowners. New technology used to extract and finish stone has made the process much less work-intensive, and this means that more marble and granite can be quarried and shipped.
Sourcing fine stone in the Toronto area can be an adventure! With many different types of outlets offering stone slab for sale, it’s difficult to know where to start looking. Your best resource is one of the GTA’s fine stone suppliers. Better stone distributors maintain large showrooms where customers can explore various types of stone available, as well as ask questions about the origin of each. You may also have questions about installation or finishing; knowledgeable staff at fine stone companies will be able to provide you with informed answers.
The cost of stone slab is contingent on:
  • Grade. Stone has several grades, including: clearance, builder, premium, and designer. You may find a cheaper grade that you really like, or you may fall in love with an exotic designer stone slab. One thing is certain – there’s sure to be a type of fine stone that is perfect for your home.
  • Pre-fab vs. custom. As you might expect, if you choose a prefabricated stone slab, you’ll pay less than if you want a custom countertop. A simple custom job will cost less than a more complex one. The number of seams, corners, and the type of edge will affect the price.
  • Installation. DIY installation is obviously the least expensive choice, but if you’ve never worked with stone, this can be very challenging. Consult with your builder or renovation team about installing stone countertops, or ask a stone supplier.
Make an informed choice when buying granite and marble slab in the GTA. Visit a stone distributor’s showroom today, and learn more about beautiful, affordable stone countertops!